Escape rooms are becoming one of the biggest trends for a variety of reasons. The idea is simple enough- you’re locked in a room, and you and the other people in the room need to escape. You will look for clues in the most unexpected places and, hopefully, you make it out in time! If you haven’t experienced the fun already, here are six reasons why you should try and escape room!

1. Team building

Escape rooms require a group of people to work together to solve puzzles and escape the room in the allotted amount of time. It’s a great opportunity for people to bond over a common goal. Friends and family may learn new things about each other through the process. It’s also a fantastic way for companies to encourage employees to work together. These collaborative skills can then be utilized to resolve conflict or to work together at work. The best part is that people will enjoy the learning process, too!

2. It’s fun

Escape rooms are specifically made to be entertaining and fun. There are a multitude of themes to choose from, such as spy, carnival, ancient Egypt, zombie apocalypse, and pirates. Some people will even dress up for the occasion. The puzzles are fun, and the ambiance promotes a positive attitude. It’s essentially a video game that you can play in real life. Plus, it’s much better than sitting at home all night.

3. Promotes creative thinking

Too often, our lives become mundane. This is especially true if you work in an office. In an escape room, you are forced to use your critical thinking skills to get out of the room. This promotes creative problem-solving skills that can come in very handy in every day situations.

4. Identify leaders

When a group starts to solve the puzzles, one or two people will generally step up to take charge. Employers can use this to watch how well these people succeed in a leadership role. It can also allow employers to see who has the intelligence and desire to complete the tasks.

5. Customized experience

Escape rooms come in a variety of flavors. You can decide what type of experience you want! You can pick the difficulty level based on the people who will be participating. For people who love puzzles and take them seriously, you can do a harder level than some friends who just want to try something new after dinner and drinks. You can even talk to the people who own the escape room about incorporating your company’s logo or a personalized message to someone for their birthday.

6. Private

You can rent out an escape room so that you have a private experience for your company or your friends and family. You can also meet new people and work with them if that’s more appealing to you. This once again helps you stay in control and have the experience that you want.

Escape rooms offer numerous benefits, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. See what all the buzz is about and experience one today!

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