Spring is upon us without a doubt. So why are we publishing a post about snow blowers? It’s easy to forget, but if you don’t have a snow blower or you’re looking to buy a new one now is the perfect time to get on it. The hardware stores are anxious to liquidate their stock to make room for the summer equipment that’s about to fly off the shelves.

Keep an eye out for deals and be aware that store owners are definitely going to be in the mood to negotiate. This is especially true with smaller stores where you may even be speaking to the owners. Even if the snow blower already has a discounted sticker price you have a pretty high probability of getting it even cheaper if you ask and show genuine interest.

Since you’re a proactive planner thinking about next year already, you probably want to go into this with a little bit of background on snow blowers. Let’s touch base real quick so you know what you’re looking at when you make your way to the stores.

Electric Snow Blowers Are Great For Light Accumulation

If you live in a region where snow fall is not too heavy like it is up in the northern states, then you can probably get away with a bit of a lighter duty snow blower. If this is the case, electric snow blowers are quite enticing. They are quiet, they don’t require you to have gas on hand or to store it in your garage, and they are simply much cleaner for the environment.

While they are undeniably less suitable for heavy snow falls, it’s not like they’re entirely useless. There are plenty of snow blowers out there that can throw their fare share of snow.

That said, if you live somewhere where you expect the snowfall to be rather heavy, you’ll probably be more appreciative of something with bit more power under the hood.

When You Need A Bit More Power

If you live in New England, the North Central States, or the Pacific Northwest, you are all too familiar with generous piles of snow being dumped on your doorstep throughout the long winter months. If so, you’re probably already well aware that you’ll need a snow blower that’s up for the challenge.

In this case, you’re going to want to opt for a single-stage gas snow blower at a minimum. If snow’s even heavier than most of the country, you’ll probably even want a two-stage to make sure that the snow can be throw long distances even it’s particularly dense and heavy. Another feature that can be of particular assistance is having tracks instead of wheels. When you’re pushing into heavy mounds of snow sometimes the wheels will spin out from underneath the snow blower. With tracks the snow blower pretty much goes wherever you want it, all the time.

In terms of brands for these more heavy-duty snow blowers, there are a few that stick out when it comes to built quality. Honda is a great company to buy a snow blower from, as is Ariens and Husqvarna. There are others out there too, but these brands are sure to have your back.

Make sure to act quickly, because supply is incredibly limited this time of year. However, it is a perfect chance to get a great deal on a tool that will make your life easier for several years down the road.

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